Travel Immunisations

PLEASE NOTE: No travel advice will be given over the phone.

At CPMG we have experts who can discuss all travel medicine and vaccine queries for the whole family, with a dedicated nurse to deliver vaccines onsite.

For travel vaccines to be most effective these need to be administered 4-6 weeks prior to departure. Depending on the countries travelling to, when and for how long, additional immunisations may be required to protect you and your family from becoming ill. Our clinic provides BCG – vaccine for Tuberculosis, and other vaccines such as seasonal influenza vaccine, typhoid, hepatitis A, yellow fever, meningococcal vaccines. Often requiring more than one vaccination for travel.

Some patients require a skin test prior to the BCG vaccination. The doctors will not know prior to the appointment if this test is needed. If a tuberculin skin test (Mantoux) is required, the BCG vaccine will need to be delayed by a minimum of 3 days.

Travel providers

The following practitioners at CPMG are experts in travel immunisations: