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Clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital

Resources is a useful list of links to 3rd party websites with information on a range of topics related to children’s health.

Raising Children Network

As its name suggests this is a comprehensive website written in everyday language offering information all parents will find useful in raising children.

Visit Raising Children Network Website

Kids Health Information

This site, hosted by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, provides useful fact sheets on a wide range of childhood conditions.

Visit Kids Health Information Website

Better Health Channel

A website funded by the State Government of Victoria which aims to provide impartial health and medical information in easily accessible language.

Visit Better Health Channel Website


This website, run by the peak body for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Victoria, is rich in information for those affected by, caring for or sharing their life with someone with ASD.

Visit Amaze Website

The Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre

This website provides up-to-date immunisation information for healthcare professionals, parents and the public.

Visit The Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre Website

The CDC Travellers’ Health Website

Maintained by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, this website provides comprehensive and up-to-date guidance regarding precautions for the prevention of infectious diseases while travelling.

Visit Website