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Clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital

Anisha is an experienced General and Developmental Paediatrician. Anisha has worked as a Consultant paediatrician at RCH and MMC since 2005. She enjoys seeing children of all ages.

She has a special interest in continence issues in children and sees children with issues of day time wetting, night time bed-wetting, constipation and soiling /encopresis. In addition she also works in the Continence Clinic at RCH.
She sees children with a range of developmental  issues including early speech and language delay, motor problems, schooling and learning issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. The initial assessment , coordination of services with allied health therapists, linkage with schools and on-going follow up of the child is part of her role as a General Paediatrician.
Anisha also works one day a week at the Children’s Cancer Clinic at Monash Medical Centre. There she works as part of a multi-disciplinary team that sees children with cancer and haematological conditions as well as looking after their broader health issues.